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We can help you with fair long-term land leases.
A Farm and Land Management Company
groPartners Inc. is a farm and land management company serving the Prairies region of Western Canada. groPartners builds partnerships with grain farmers and farm land investors, to help them both grow their return from crop production and land ownership through improved scale, management, and risk sharing.

Partnerships with Land Owners

If you are a Saskatchewan, Alberta, or Manitoba Farmland owner who is finding you don't have the time and/or knowledge to manage your land we can help. groPartners land management services  will ensure you receive a fair return and your land is managed using a sustainable approach.  Working with us can increase your management options, improve returns, and ensure sustainability of your investment.

There may be many reasons why you own farmland.  You may consider it a safe storage of wealth which can also provide good annual returns and a hedge against inflation.  Or perhaps you inherited land your family farmed in the past.  Regardless of your reason, proper management is essential to protect the interests that your farmland represents.  Our agricultural expertise and services can help sustain the future value of your land and give you the opportunity to improve your returns while helping farmers reach their farm growth goals.

Partnerships with Farmers

We build long term relationships with growing, capable, and honest farmers like you.  We can provide access to the capital you need to follow through on opportunities  to grow your farm.  By being very selective in choosing the land owners and investment capital we represent, groPartners has the flexibility  to form agreements which match your  need for additional land, cash flow and risk sharing to achieve sustainable growth in your operation.  If you are an expanding farmer with opportunity, desire, and ability to grow then let us help make it happen.

groPartners also works with  farmers who are considering  cashing out some of the equity in their farms through a land sale and lease back arrangement. If you are considering this option in order to expand, pursue other farm or off farm investment opportunities  or even just to enjoy life a bit more now instead of waiting until retirement, we may be able to help you too.

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We work to increase your returns while sustainably managing one of your safest investments.
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